FCL Cartage

Maximise your logistics efficiency with our FCL Cartage

We specialise in transporting Full Container Loads from Sydney’s ports to anywhere in the Sydney metro basin. We’re also equipped to transport outside of the Sydney metro area upon request.

Our modern fleet of Scania trucks makes the transport of your freight both economical and efficient. We can deliver via a standard trailer to a dock or via a side-loader onto the ground for the optimum safety of your staff.

Carting all your freight in one Full Container Load

Don’t have a full load to fill your container? That’s ok. FCL shipping is more about not having to share space with another consignor than filling the entire space. And exclusive use of the entire container means less risk of your goods being mixed with other freight.

Our FCL cartage service is designed for greater efficiency and gives you greater control over your shipment.

Once the container is loaded, it’s securely sealed and sent to its final destination.

The economical & efficient way to transport your freight

FCL shipping isn’t just cost effective, it’s also ideal if you’re on a deadline because the transit time is often quicker, and loading and unloading is less complicated.

Harper Jack Haulage has many years of experience transporting full container loads safely and on time, using our convenient position close to key major road and rail access.

We’re equipped with side loaders to lift your container with ease for loading and unloading.

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